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Screenings : friday 26 - 7:15 pm - 400 Coups - 5 - presented and followed by a debate with the film directors - Entrée libre
running time: 1h20


Mehdi Ouahab
2022 - France - Fiction - 14mn
With Gilda Barthe, Nathalie Bécue, François Créton

Like he does every year, Mathys goes with his mother to the local stock-car race. With his friend Titouan, he spots a driver who looks familiar – maybe it's his father who abandoned him as a child. Intrigued, but also jealous, Mathys keeps an eye on him and follows him. To get noticed, the young man takes all the risks he can in a wild race.

Les Grands Hommes

Quentin Elles
2023 - France - Fiction - 18mn
With Alexis Bourdon, Hugo Becker, Djibi Diakhaté, Benjamin Pachoud, Pascal Bonnelle, Nathalie N'songan, Brice Guibert

Hugo, 17, is a member of the young hopefuls handball academy, an institution that trains professional athletes. A brilliant and committed player, he is preparing for a selection match that will be decisive for his career. But on the eve of the match, the coach relegates him to the substitutes' bench.

Ce qui nous lie

Sophie Péault
2022 - France - Documentaire - 24mn
Over the course of a day, Ce qui nous lie explores the nature of the bonds forged between residents, employees, volunteers and families who make up the microcosm of a retirement home.


Louise Condemi
2022 - France - Fiction - 10mn
With Mélodie Adda, Sidi Mejai, Anouar Kardellas, Léo Chalié

Esther, an anxious 22-year-old, has accepted a second date with Romeo, her colleague at the Temple de la Gaufre waffle house.

Europe by Bidon

Samuel Albaric, Thomas Trichet
2022 - France - Animation - 14mn
With Biodun Segun Ayantolla

Biodun is Nigerian and he tells the story of how he survived his journey on foot from Lagos to Paris thanks to a 5-litre jerrycan and a good dose of courage. In this animated documentary, he turns the events of his life into extraordinary adventures.