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Femininspiration - Jeanne Moreau

In the presence of Julie Gayet, Delphine Gleize, Melvil Poupaud, Jérôme Clément and Jean-Claude Moireau

Femininspiration, a cycle of pluridisciplinary events organised by cultural institutions in Angers (Le Chabada, the Quai-CDN, the Festival Premiers Plans, the Musée des Beaux-Arts and the CNDC) fostering the place of women in current and past artistic creation.

Jeanne Moreau left us five years ago.
Actress, singer, director, she left us her image, her voice, her words, in the many forms she used her talents in. She still radiates in the hearts of film lovers everywhere, and especially here in Angers where he love for film was so generously expressed.
President of the Jury at the 2003 Festival Premiers Plans, she delighted in the creative young European cinema she discovered with both curiosity and high standards. She quickly came to make her contribution alongside us and in 2005 founded the Ateliers d’Angers to pass on her passion to young filmmakers and increase their self-confidence at a critical time in their careers as they took their first steps as feature makers. She was an inspiration for those who took part in this very atypical workshop. She will always be an inspiration for innumerable creators and artists, be they actors, directors, composers or performers.
At this 35th edition, many of them will be invited to celebrate the special relationship they have with the work of Jeanne Moreau.

The films will be screened with restored copies thanks to the work of the Fonds Jeanne Moreau in collaboration with Carlotta films.

Feature films
Jeanne Moreau
France / Italy - 1976
Jeanne Moreau
France / West Germany - 1979
Lillian Gish
Jeanne Moreau
France - 1984
© Sandrine Jousseaume

Podcast - Women and Love

Broadcast of the interview with Jeanne Moreau by Jérôme Clément, as part of the series Les Femmes et l'amour, broadcast on France Cutlure in 2000.